Victoria makes 40 over 40 list!

Victoria Carter, founder of Cityhop, has landed on a list of mainly American women who have disrupted, reinvented or made an impact in their communities. Carter is named as one of 40 women to watch in the inaugural list. The former Auckland city councillor is a company director on  JUCY Group, Tax Management and until recently Kidicorp. She is also Chair of the Auckland Arts Festival and edits a pre-school magazine.

Carter says, “It’s amazing to be on a list like this, and next year I’m sure there will be more kiwi women on it. There are so many examples of women who not only are active in business but contribute back to society and their community. Older women are out there as Christine Vuleta says, quietly changing the world for the better and they should be celebrated and listened too!”

The 40 Women To Watch Over 40 list celebrates women who are upending the perception that 40 is past your prime. They are reinventing, leaning in, and creating momentum that will be felt by those beyond their community and field.

Says Christine Vuleta, organiser says, “The winners, selected from over 1,000 nominees around the world, span a variety of industries from arts and sciences to politics and entertainment and include social entrepreneurs and corporate change-makers. Eleven Judges selected the final choices. There is one kiwi, one Finn and one Brit amongst the other 40 Americans!

Individually they are impressive, optimistic and fearless, willing to take risks with the knowledge and experience they have accrued. Collectively they are the next generation of women redefining what is possible at any age.

 “I believe it is critically important to give younger women new role models,” says Christina Vuleta, founder of 40:20 Vision, a cross-generational mentoring resource. “Research shows that women today don’t look ahead to older women for inspiration. But I see from my work that it is more a lack of visibility. Older women are out there quietly changing the world, but they are not the usual suspects for media selection and corporations do too little to celebrate them.”

The 40 Women To Watch Over 40 list is meant to change all that by raising awareness around the women who are paving new pathways to success. It boasts forty game-changing women who are integrating personal value while also creating value for the economy.

Forty Women to Watch over 40 was created by Christina Vuleta and Whitney Johnson to bring awareness to the reality that innovation gets even better with age.

Christina, creator of 40:20 Vision, a cross-generational mentoring platform and Whitney, speaker, investor and author of Dare, Dream, Do, both share the conviction that women in their forties and onwards reach new levels of creativity, clarity and confidence.

Ends Carter, “a fun part of this whole experience has been having a pushpage created. It’s a great way to get to know some of the other amazing women. The questions are fun, entertaining and serious!”


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