About Cityhop

Cityhop is a joint venture between former Auckland City Councillor Victoria Carter and JUCY Rentals, New Zealand’s fastest growing rental car and camper van hire company -more of them below.

Cityhop is New Zealand’s first car share company offering cars by the hour in central Auckland and we have plans to move throughout New Zealand. Watch out Wellington, you’re next on the horizon!

Cityhop offers members cars by the hour for only $12. Yes only $12 that pays for everything – petrol, Warrent of Fitness, tyres, insurance, AA membership even the cleaning!

Cityhop gives you the convenience of a car without the hassles or cost.

If you use public transport Cityhop is your car for emergencies. It saves companies money too because Cityhop is cheaper than a taxi and more convenient than a bus.

Victoria as you’ll read in the blogs is pretty  into being green! She’s pretty keen on doing her bit for a liveable city too through her involvement with the City, the Auckland Festival, Auckland Racing Club and Great Potentials.

Tim and Dan Alpe run New Zealand’s fastest growing rental car and camper van company. Providing tourists with the best possible experience of New Zealand is important to these boys. They want visitors to have the best possible experience of our beautiful country and go home and tell their friends to rent JUCY.

Chris Alpe, the boy’s Dad, taught the boys eveyrthing they know about tourism through the hugely successful campervan business he grew. While Auckland doesn’t quite have have congestion problems of London or LA Tim and Victoria still think the time for Cityhop is right.

Based in Auckland, environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly cityhop is coming to Wellington and other regions soon.

Read more about Victoria and Tim Alpe and the others behind Cityhop. If you want to connect Victoria or Cityhop email info@cityhop.co.nz

or feel free to reach us at


2-16 The Strand,



New Zealand

Tel 08002cityhop  (09) 374 5081

Email: info@cityhop.co.nz

2 Responses to “About Cityhop”

  1. Dear Victoria

    I found your profile on LinkedIn. I would like to connect with you there if possible.

    At S23M we are working on open source reputation systems, and car sharing is certainly one domain we are interested in applying our technology to. You might like the following talk by Rachel Botsman on collaborative consumption and trust:


    My colleague Jorn Bettin would also be interested in connecting with you.

    Best regards,

    • admin says:

      hi Andrew, sorry was overseas in Nov and never saw this in my pile of emails and now catching up over xmas!!
      you can contact me at victoria@cityhop.co.nz but i’m on a break for next 10 days or so. Love Rachel – and yes what we do is definately based on a trust relationship with carshare.
      regards Victoria (Have we linked in?)

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